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Disk Recovery Wizard 1.4.1

Описание: Step-by-step disk recovery wizard, просмотров: 3208
Disk Recovery Wizard

Изображение отсутствует
Добавлена 22 апр 2008 г.
Язык интерфейса Английский
Сайт поддержки http://wizardrecovery.com
Добавил Data Recovery  
Версия 1.4.1 
Просмотров 3208

Crashed Windows caused data corruption or lead to an inaccessible hard drive? Planning a trip to a data recovery shop? Consider saving your time and money by fixing the issue yourself! Disk Recovery Wizard makes data recovery easily possible to anyone, and recovers damaged, corrupted and inaccessible disks even if you reformatted the hard drive three times in a raw!

Using Disk Recovery Wizard to recover a damaged disk is extremely easy. Just a corrupted hard drive or partition and click ‘Next’ to start the recovery. It’s that simple! The complex data recovery algorithms are hidden deep in the code, allowing Disk Recovery Wizard to complete the recovery in fully automatic mode.

Disk Recovery Wizard recovers disks and partitions, files and data no matter what file system or media you used to store the files. FAT or NTFS, hard drives or memory cards are non-issues for Disk Recovery Wizard. RAID arrays and Dynamic Disks are supported along with exotic USB dongles and solid-state devices.

Empty Recycle Bin? No problem! Recover d files easily with the same convenient Recovery Wizard. Disk Recovery Wizard does scans the file system in order to locate the d files, but does not stop there. If your d file is not found after the quick scan of the file system, a deep low-level analysis of your hard drive will be performed. Disk Recovery Wizard uses the same principle as in anti-virus products to locate the beginning and end of every recoverable document by matching the contents of the hard disk with its database of signatures.

The PowerSearch technology is able to find a number of files in a variety of formats that were d ages ago! ZIP and RAR archives, Office documents, digital pictures, music and video files can be located and recovered even if half of your hard drive is completely dead!

Try it free at www.wizardrecovery.com

Системные требования для "Disk Recovery Wizard":
Поддержка систем: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Me.

Standart Win PC

Скачать Disk Recovery Wizard Скачать «Disk Recovery Wizard» [3.78 Мб] (условно-бесплатная)
Скачать Disk Recovery Wizard - с зеркала Скачать "Disk Recovery Wizard" - с зеркала
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