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ReaSoft Network Drive 1.0

Описание: connect more than one folder to network drive, просмотров: 3839
ReaSoft Network Drive

Изображение отсутствует
Добавлена 22 авг 2008 г.
Язык интерфейса Английский
Сайт поддержки http://www.reasoft.com/products/net...
Добавил development reasoft  
Версия 1.0 
Просмотров 3839

ReaSoft Network Drive is a unique application owing to its multifunctionality, with the outlined key mission: efficient use of the free HDD space in the network. In spite of the the fact that some features are quite different, they are all unified by the ability to create a network drive using both local and network sources.
The first function, "Local folders" allows to several local or network folders and combine them into one network drive. Moreover, sharing and security rules may be set for the drive on the whole, that is, undoubtedly, more practical than setting the rules for each shared folder. As some users may be informed, Windows allows "Map Network Drive" service that maps only one folder to the drive. However, ReaSoft Network Drive removes this restriction. Henceforth you can map several folders to drive, without any limitations.

The second "Container file" function permits to keep the content of the virtual drive in one file. What is more, using this function one may set the size (fixed or variable) and specify the path to the container file. The additional feature, supported by this type of file is data encryption. Thus, the user may store his or her top secret data in one protected with encryption file.

"Multi-located container file" is almost the same "Container file" with the difference that the former supports creation of several container files and allows to locate them on different local drives or network folders. As a matter of fact, a multi-located container file is divided into several parts located on different network computers that makes the file unlimited in volume since you may add a new folder at any time.

All in all, ReaSoft Network Drive is a valuable software for those who access network drives in a computer network, ranging from small home networks to medium-sized corporate networks.

Системные требования для "ReaSoft Network Drive":
Поддержка систем: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Me, DOS, MacOS 8.x, MacOS 9.x, MacOS X, Unix (унив.), FreeBSD, Solaris, PalmOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Java/J2ME.

500MHz or faster compatible x86 processor, 256MB RAM recommended, 128MB minimum, 10MB free space

Скачать ReaSoft Network Drive Скачать «ReaSoft Network Drive» [2.04 Мб] (условно-бесплатная)
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